It was a “NO” day.

I wasn’t able to work on the blog last night, the server was down…..Sp_gabby_polkadotribbon

But I sat at the machine and completed 10 hours of quilting and appliqué…. The free motion foot on my machine squeaked the whole time… even a little machine oil didn’t alleviate the noise, so I’ve made inquiries about a new one…

I’m working on a major project that taken several years in research and application up till now…
I need to complete at least 120 square inches of appliqué and quilting each day to keep on track…
That doesn’t sound like much, but the quilting is 1/8th inch apart so it’s intense…and my shoulders and back are telling me so this evening…

I try to work between 6.00 and 3.00 each day, but baby sitting and family "stuff" have taken up 3 of the past four days… so I have to work early in the morning and late into the evening to keep on track…
Sounds bizarre, but it’s the only way I can do it.  –  Structure.Sp_gabby_ribbonflower_noholes

Well Miss Tilly is something else, I went in to put on my lippy this morning leaving her with her Papa for 5 minutes… when I came out of the bathroom I couldn’t find her, I went into every room calling her name, the panic rising….

I went out to the studio and there she was sitting up on the chair…..Drappliqueing…!!!
except she decided to do it on one of my fabric designs….
She looked up as I walked in – (I was very relieved I might say) and said…."I’m working Bamma"


Bless her….
I had the pens out working on the Portrait…

She also "Posted" a $1 coin in my laminator…. despite my voicing a loud "NO"…..

It’s so nice to be back working in the "shed"… I don’t want to go out, even to shop…. but I guess I have to eat…. OOh and do a little exercise if I sit at the machine….


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