Busy Day

I’ve been working hard on my major project…

That doesn’t mean just working on the quilt…
It’s writing the book (which has to be done as I work)


It’s researching every step, photographing and  preparing a presentation for an academic paper.

I don’t know how you work on something serious, but I get immersed and really I just don’t want to do anything else. Interruptions break the flow… I’m thinking of putting up a flag when I don’t want to be disturbed….

I had a continuous stream of people visit today…. topped off with Jamie’s house being robbed…
He’s shattered… and of course has to be on camera from 2.00 till midnight… so I just sent photos by email, he can get a better idea when he finishes tonight…. The Police will fingerprint tomorrow and I think he’s lucky there’s not too much damage…

So that jiggers the work…Sp_gabby_button_4

Anticipating a busy day today, I came out to work at 4.00 this morning… it was pretty darn chilly but it’s quiet, no phones or people and a great time to work.

OK so this project is something rather special….However, I think that documentation is a good habit to get into when you begin a new project….
It’s rather a surprise when you  go back over your notes.
You re-live the process, it becomes more personal….(maybe thats the wrong word) individualized, intimate, part of you….

Anyway…. Tilly and I had a disco I played Mamma Mia  very loud – we danced and sang using her wooden blocks as microphones….and then I showed her how to pop bubble wrap….. It was the best thing shes learnt this week…

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