Portrait 23

The portrait part of the quilt is completed….. (well of course it still needs to be appliquéd and quilted, but that is a little way down the track)

Now where do I go from here?

I began on the journey of making the quilt 10 months ago…. and a chance visit to an art gallery in San Antonio inspired me to make a portrait in this genre.

One of the things that I became interested in were the embroidered garments called wipils and when I went to to Mexico in February I spent time researching and eventually purchasing one.
Wipil is an embroidered garment worn by women in the southern areas of Mexico and Guatemala.

After a considerable search I purchased an old one in the town of Oaxaca and I intend to use it in a portrait of my daughter Callie.Dsc04272

Frida Khalo wore wipils a lot, and I think that I  would like to construct my own wipil design from the garment that I have purchased.

The design will form the first Dsc04273

However, Frida Khalo’s image goes hand in hand with the signature illustrations of Calla lillies by Diego Rivera.Dsc02884

When I visited their house in Mexico City, I photographed the lillies in their garden and I would like to put them into the second border.Dsc02879_2