Portrait 25 designing the wipil

I usually audition the applique for the border of my quilts…

The appliqué needs to be detailed to look like a wipil – other wise it will look like another piece of appliqué….


After preparing the appliqué I lay an appliqué (teflon) mat over the pattern. These are post positioned on my ironing board. You can actually place a pin through the layers and into the ironing board to hold them in place.

Using the pattern as a guide, you can place each individual piece down. Iron it down.Dsc04279

The glue will remain on the back of the fabric, so you can pick up the appliqué piece and pop it on the background fabric.

Iron it to the fabric and then I illustrated the detail with a .5 black pigma pen.Dsc04280

Finished off the shading with a variety of pens.

Whoops the photos won’t go in order…
never mind…but you get the picture I guess.

OK, the white I have illustrated on would in reality be thread or beads.