Take a look at this.

D4I’d like to share the work of a friend of mine.
Pauline McPharlin.

Have a look at her drawings, no svelte figures here.

I mean, take a look at this picture…. looks a bit like lunch at a quilt retreat to me…

For my American friends, the birds in front of the ladies are magpies. They are very friendly comical birds… we have lots in our yard and they signify "Australia" to me.
When I’m home, I wake every morning to the chorus of the maggies…!!!!

The picture below is a classic….and another favorite of mine.

Beach Girl with dogs. !!!!

Australias’ top Model, eat your heart out.!!!!

We’ve got 3 of Paulines, pictures in our office…. they do cause a little stir at times….

Now Pauline has ventured into the world of quilting and soon you will see one of her life size pictures in Quilt….. 2 Friends and I have been working on a project with her to produce a series… it’s taken us years, but the end is nigh…...


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  1. Mar says:

    fabulous artist! with her color choices they are destined to be quilts! Thanks for the info re: magpies.

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