Quilting Ideas.

Sp_gabby_wing_leftIt’s rained most of the day today and I have had the opportunity to spend time in the shed working on my major project.

I usually begin quilting around 5.00 – 6.00 am.   I can generally get in a few hours of quilting before breakfast.

I like to work on a warm machine, so it means maintaining  the heat in the studio all night and I leave a lamp on the machine in preparation.

There are a lot of lamps on the market to sew by.

I have a couple of Ott lights…a standard table light and a pedestal light. But my favorite light is the $19 light from Ikea…. !!!

The globes are 11W energy savers and last for such a long time…. After trying 3 other brands of lights, I find this one the best.

I like the coverage of light it gives me.Dsc04291

It’s even and warm. By warm, I mean a mellow light rather than a harsh white light.

We’re told that the white light is closer to daylight than anything else… Well it may be, but it distorts the colors, and believe me I’m fussy about that.

I have been sewing for months with the same thread.

Today I used a color I had not used before. Despite being the same as all the others I have used, I had some of it come through to the back of the quilt.

I tried everything to avoid it and after testing it…. I just think it’s the thread.

I’m using a 50 weight cotton on the top of the quilt for appliquéing and quilting and "The Bottom line" by Superior in the bobbin.

The 50 weight cotton is Masterpiece by Superior and it’s so fine that it is equal in weight to the 60 weight bottom line.

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