Traveling again

Well, the bags are packed, camera batteries charged and on Wednesday I wing my way across the ocean again.

I’m just working down the list of To Do’s…

Tomorrow I get my stitches and out. I’ve attempted to take the ones on my leg out myself… I mean I’m a quilter… I have a quick unpick and tweezers. The stitches kept sticking to my trousers and pinching….
I can’t do the back thing though…

Tuesday, I have to see if the hairdresser can work miracles…!!!!!

I’m excited to be going back to Mexico in November too…. so I’ve been working on tickets etc. over the past few days. It will be great to meet the students I worked with earlier in the year.


This time I plan to take a little time off to film. I love everything about Mexico, the food, the people, the color and the exquisite art.

I don’t think I should tell you that I stayed in my p.j.s all day. I don’t know somehow I’ve been much more productive. I’ve got a lot done today….!!!


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