I arrived in NZ just a tad late… sort of 2 hours really, The plane had a problem, so they changed it….you know, just bought in a spare one…..The flight isn’t too long I only got the back end of a mythical beast drawn…

Oh, well the day is shorter due to the time change so that isn’t too much of a problem.

My 3G do everything phone isn’t working here so I’m crabby and I have sent husband Keith on a mission to check it out tomorrow….

It’s a bit chilly so I cranked the heater up in the room and turned on the electric blanket as soon as I got in the room.

I love airports….
Now I saw a man with the most amazing comb over…. You know what I mean by comb over, you grow the side hair to cover the top of your head and then plaster it to the other side…. but no one told him it had flipped backwards and it was standing out of the side of his head like a 10" veranda…. it was amazing.
On the other hand it could have been a design feature.

I met the  middling age ‘first’ travelers…. the ones with the tour company bags, T’shirts to match and brand new sneakers…. they sat close together and talked very loudly about their destination..  Baaaleee

I went in and visited the shop in Sydney airport where Kath and Kim bought their wonderful sweaters and….. what are they called….? I can’t imagine anyone buying them after Kath and Kims adventures. I asked the sales assistant if they had been in lately, but she gave me a dirty look and walked away… cheeky. !!!!!

Now it’s down to work….

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  1. Pamie G. says:

    The “hair” thing made me laugh, you always think like an Artist, hehe! Pamie G. San Antonio

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