Day 4 in Auckland

It seems my recollections of school in Tasmania stirred your memories as well.
I was overwhelmed with the emails you sent, both as a comments to the blog and as personal mail. I appreciate the time you took to make comments.

I don’t dwell on those memories, you know, in fact, I think that the indignation I felt at that time formed some of my philosophies today and that can’t be a bad thing.

I have one more day here in New Zealand. It’s been a great experience.

I have the best job on the world you know, meeting new people, making friends and sharing ideas.

Today I gave a presentation to the Auckland Quilt Guild.
The venue was abuzz when I arrived, there was a library in one room, a demonstration in another, an amazing variety for gourmet sandwiches and cakes for sale prepared by one of the ladies.
Groups of women gathered around tables and I imagined they shared the events of the past month with their peers as they worked on their individual projects….


I just sat down and chatted with some of the gals as comfortably as if we were neighbors, it’s no different in the US, France, or Mexico…. We quilters have a gift you know.

This photo is of some of the quilts done in class over the past few days…. it was a collage class.

I had the opportunity to take a walk this afternoon. I walked past wonderful vintage houses with gardens springing into bloom and then down through corridors of huge trees to the coast. The trees and foliage are completely different to home and I found it fascinating.
I listened to Mama Mia very loudly on my ipod and I found it hard not to jig in time  to the music as I walked….

I actually did a little skip here and there….!!!!!

Another day of class tomorrow and 24 ladies will be there at 9.00 in anticipation of learning new techniques….







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  1. Thank you for such an inspiring talk today – we all had such a great laugh at your fantastic experiences – what an amazing life you have – talk about creating your own reality! I have really enjoyed your classes – it was quite special to me when you gave the talk about Mexico as I have been collecting stuff for a mixed media quilt on Mexican religious symbolism for a while and it’s just been a quiet little thing I have been thinking about and planning.
    I have put your RSS feed on my Google Reader so we can keep up with your work.
    Love the photo of the koru ferns!

  2. Jo in NZ says:

    Hi Pam. The crazy quilter here from the guild meeting. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop and chat. Your talk was wonderful, and your quilts, just fantastic. I also enjoy the way you link you inspiration to photos.

  3. Sue Flego from Auckland says:

    Thanks again for a wonderful 2 day class, and a great day at Guild on Saturday. Even though I had heard one of your stories before from you, it still gave me so much joy to hear it again. Your story telling is amazing, and thats one of the reasons I changed my class at Symposium in Auckland, just to spend another day in your infectiously happy company.
    BTW the fern and flax photos are just lovely.
    Thanks Pam – hope to see you again sometime.

  4. Heather says:

    What a great weekend I had due to your company. The term Joie de Vivre was invented just for you. Your storytelling skills are wonderful although I live in trepidation that we may feature in future talks. I am full of admiration for your talents and humanity. I really will try and be more tolerant of the ‘old welshman’ Most people would take a few lifetimes to accomplish as much and I will wait with anticipation to see the major work now in production. Thank you for bringing laughter and lessons to us all.

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