Windows on the world.

Dsc04318I put my feet up, looked out of the window and listened to  Handel on my ipod…

Unwind…... Unwind…… UnwindDsc04315

It was an early start to the morning, cold and dark but interesting.

As I anticipated I had a little problem with excess baggage despite leaving a lot of papers and things in Auckland… I had to pay $70. because I had 26 kg instead of 20…..!!

Mr Qantas is a little more gentle than Air New Zealand so I had no problem going over with 32 kg.

Fortunately I had a little help from  a friend in class and she blocked out 3 seats for me…I got some rather strange looks I must say…. 3 seats all to myself !!!!

NO, I didn’t feel guilty, I felt blessed!!

I finished 3 pages of my book with a little help from my friends….

I also managed to get through with my very heavy hand  luggage…. I think it was the red scarf and shoes…

A very excited Grandson was there to meet me at the airport and we visited over lunch.

Now, I’ve relaxed I’m pooped, but I need to bounce back because we have a family ‘DO’ tonight for Fathers Day!!!

Whoops the troops have arrived…. time to go.

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  1. Linda says:

    I want those red shoes!!

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