A special quilting day.

With temperatures in the mid 20’s today……(70’s for those in the USA)  it’s the first time I’ve enjoyed the weather since I came home…

It’s 6.30 pm and silence has descended on the house.

Today was a quilting day with friends….

We’ve been friends for 35 years or more. We have shared many of life’s joys, trials and sorrows together….but today we shared quilting….

We all went camping together at least 4 times a year…. sometimes we had just 10 adults and 60 children…. can you imagine how much fun the kids had…..?

I was the chief tent checker….. (who do you have in your tent honey)?….. OUT!!!!!!

We have children adopted from overseas in common and by today’s standard I guess you could say our families are large.

Now I don’t swim, I hate being in water, the girls figured that if I learnt to swim they would learn to quilt….
Well 25 years down the track I still don’t swim, but they all quilt…. such is the power of persuasion.

With such a gathering, my daughters came and cooked us a meal and shared the day…. the grandchildren romped and the noise level reached a crescendo, but never the less…. we had a fabulous day…..
The ladies achieved a small quilt… and I think the studio will not miss my company this evening.

I have a schedule to keep normally, so I’ve been out here since 4.00 and I managed to get in 4 hours quilting this morning… That’s going to have to do for the day….


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  1. Pamie G. says:

    Pam — every time I see this photo of your topiary quilt I just fall in love with your work all over again — do you teach this any where in the world, like San Antonio, hehe again — you are a gift to all of us, God Bless you! Pamie G. San Antonio

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