Back to work.

The party is over and back to work….

But you might like to look at the quiltshows page…..

This is my video on Monet’s Garden for the program.

I’m the Roving Reporter for Ricky and Alex….and there are two others on the page…. one is the cyber William Morris fabric draped buildings of the city of Adelaide during out Festival of Arts in March and the other is of Mexico….

I have another couple of Aussie ones to send and a French one…. then it’s off to Mexico again…

The quilt below is a gem. Friend Joyleen bought  it in Queensland for $10…..and bought it down yesterday for me to look at.
1950’s I think, it’s as heavy as lead and sewn to a pink curtain. Take a close look at the fabrics… they are wonderful…I remember fabrics like that.

But what a bargain. I bought an American one similar to this last year and paid $300. US!!!!!


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