How often do you go through your UFO’s

Do you have a UFO.?

I have some, but  these days I call them ‘Auditions’

Now this little beauty has been auditioned for over 15 years, I found it in a bag the other day… and here is the post card that I documented it’s making….

1996, I took it with me to Chile, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Quilt Camp at Roseworthy and Kangaroo Island… whoow.

It’s still not finished… probably never will be…

Now the beginning of this quilt has an interesting story. I began it when I was at an AFS (American Field Service) conference in Sydney.

A few days after I arrived I started to cough, and I coughed and coughed and coughed… it was really embarrassing.
Friend Sue and I were staying in a "luxurious’ hotel on the outskirts of Kings Cross and just down from Oxford Street.
Both areas are a a little upon the shady side you could say.

I decided I needed to see a Dr, so Sue and I walked up to Oxford St to the nearest clinic. There we sat in the waiting room with the most unusual characters… in fact as another one came in, we sort of sat a little closer together for solidarity…
I was coughing all the while….
Dr diagnosed asthma… but I knew it wasn’t and to be honest it turned out to be whooping cough.
I went to pay the Dr, and he said "Oh this is a free clinic honey’ smirk……
Then as we went out, we noticed in big letters on the door that it was the "Aids Clinic"
Now days I don’t think they would even write that on the door….

i felt like saying to the Dr, "we’re wives and Mothers and we have 24 children between us…

I guess he wouldn’t have believed that either…!!!!!!!

To calm our nerves we went down the street to a coffee shop and perched on the bar stools facing the wall. Sue ordered coffee and I decided to look at the information posted all over the walls…. ‘How nice I thought, a community information board"
When Sue came back with the coffee’s I was numb…. the information was for  same sex …..stuff….. we chucked down the coffees, bolted out of the door and went back to the hotel laughing between the coughs….

Well the whooping cough lasted 6 months and I was a sick chick… but the story is priceless….
As for the UFO…. maybe I’ll give it away….!!!



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  1. kathie says:

    OH no you can’t give this away! Look at all the memories, very funny I might add, this UFO has.
    every time you find this in your closet you will be reminded of this story. It is a beautiful ufo though I love those colors…I have wanted to make a GMF for along time. beautiful fabrics in yours…

  2. anne says:

    I agree you cannot, must not, do not even consider giving this beauty away. I think you should place it back in the ufo cupboard, after all it does have a very shaddy history…….I think you need to print off this blog post and add it to the bag. Happy Stitching

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