After a busy week.

A busy week took it’s toll and I took it a little easier today.
But I’ve had to do a little archiving for a project…and I thought you might like to see the project.

This quilt was designed on computer… and I have to admit, that since I’ve had my mac, I’ve done very little designing in this format…. however, the purchase of EQ6 in November should rectify that….
This quilt was designed after I visited The Edinburgh Museum in Scotland. The roses are Rennie Macintosh inspired.
I designed the quilt for a fabric company who used it a a fund raiser for Breast Cancer, I think it was featured in Quilters Companion.
I had to work with the fabric given to me by the company…. so it was a little challenging…



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  1. esther aliu says:

    Hi Pam,
    Love your blog, I try to visit at least weekly. Well, what a suprise to see this quilt here….! It sure looks familiar!
    This certainly is a beautiful, well made quilt….and I should know – it’s hanging in my house!
    I just had to say, that I love this quilt and I was delighted to win it through Quilter’s Companion. I love Rennie Macintosh’s line drawings, especially his tea house drawings and paintings and murals, so I was so happy to become the owner of this quilt. You did a wonderful job.
    I just wanted you to know that it’s in good hands and it’s very much loved.

  2. Frédérique says:

    This quilt is gorgeous!

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