Month: October 2008

  This is one of my favorite quilts in the show…. technically it's superb, in every way.I love the way she has captured the light. This photo was taken at the international Quilt festival and the quilt is by Liz Jones, Leominster, Herfordshire, United Kingdom. Please respect the maker by not reproducing these photos….      

A busy day today.

I've been teaching  all day today, and this evening has been spent preparing a presentation… It takes me ages to time the music, etc, etc. So sorry , no photos… But there is some fabric that excites me on the floor…. have a look at their web page. It is real Chintz, and considering that I just completed a study of "Chintz" I was excited.!!!! De Haan & Wagenmakers BV 

Houston Quilt Show.

Download houston This is a a small video of the show today. I didn't get them all, I just has a short time and I've been rather busy today… Excuse the quality, it's just shot on my little flip camera.… I have been shooting high definition for another project as well.

Acts of desperation.

I taught all day today and it was a great class. 26 ladies sharing experiences, I really can't ask for more. I had an early night last night, around 9.30  I fell asleep at the computer, head on the keyboard , I'm glad I didn't dribble into it. I noticed that I had made a few mistakes this morning when I checked the blog.!!!!!!  I find today that I committed a serious crime the other day. I needed to play a joke on a friend, by putting flower petals outside the door of her room…..she's in love and needs no encouragement, but….. it seemed a nice gesture.I searched the lobby for flowers…. there were none that I could "borrow" so a friend and I went over the road to the park and picked a 'few' suddenly we were approached by security…. I just smiled and acted old… Friend Carolyn hid hers in her bag….!!! and we scurried back to the hotel. I related it to my class to day… they roared with laughter… "You could …

The last day of Quilt Market. My impressions.

Market ended today. It's a bit like Christmas day…. you wait all year for it to come, then "bang" it's over all too quickly. I sat with friends tonight and we talked about the things we had seen over the past few days. Vintage is a style that has remained around for the past few years. Personally I really like it, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. American Jane stands out as a winner with me, and I think there is limited use for Moda home. Last year we saw a handful of children's wear designers, this year there are a dozen or more.Of course the new 'young designers' fabrics look wonderful in the funky children's wear and designer bags.   There were a lot more Japanese fabric companies represented and they seem to me to be twinned with the French market. Japanese instructional books translated into French, and those small minimalist cute designs made famous by the Japanese are very similar to the pastel French Fabrics. Several companies have heavy Chintz patterns reminiscent …

Houston Quilt Market Day No 2.

Hi folks, thanks for the great emails…. they are much appreciated. Jane Green, the apples were from Art to Heart.  It is from a new book…. do you want me to get you one?   Moda. delicious. Moda furnishing.   Beautiful beads of every hue.     Paula Prass for Michael Miller There are so many things to take in, the floor was buzzing and the vendors are happy despite the  predicted spending downturn ….. it doesn't seem to have affected the quilting community so far. I photographed 400 quilts today. Beth Miller, Dianne Firth, Lisa Walton… love your quilts. Lisa, the quilting and detail on your quilt is wonderful. Helen Godden has 3 quilts… great. The quilting on the group quilt is super and I love the Cockatoo. I photograph everything…. check out the backs of the quilts and examine each one in detail. Esther Aliu, you quilt is fabulous.. The Turkish panel by Camilla Watson from New Zealand is lovely too. I know there are more and I'll get to them…!!! I love …

Houston Quilt Market.

Oh my goodness I love technology…. a few minutes ago I was able to see our little granddaughter in her Grandpa's arms. I'm rather brain dead tonight, but I will do my best. Galloping Pony Studio, was one of my favorites, also follow the links and take a look at her blog. Bananafana I love their funky kids clothes…. Anna Maria Horner Her fabrics are wonderful… this seasons fabrics are full of wonder ad color, big, bold and smacks of the 70's !!!!! Knitting with fabric, Fabric shoes. Machines with bling. Fabulous ideas. Delicious Childrens clothes. But now I'm tired…. coffee and bed for an early start in the morning.I've had a fabulous day, met wonderful people. been enthused by creative talent and at times a little intimidated by youthful designers who are so young and innovative.

School House.

It's almost 6.00 am and I've been up for a little while.Work begins in earnest today and I have the opportunity to go on the floor at 8.30 to film and photograph before the event begins.This affords me the privilege of filming the "Do not photograph" Quilts. Yesterday, I met a"visited" with so many people I know in the industry. Quite a few of my esteemed peers were giving "schoolhouse", which is a forum for all things new, innovative and expressive to Quilt shop owners and people involved in Quilting.Mark Lipinski,  The Hysterical "Bad Boy" of Quilters Home" magazine. He encouraged his audience to "Sell the Dream" with 10 top ways to grow your business. Most all of the fabric companies were represented as were the book and pattern companies.  With 20 pages of enticing opportunities in the program, it was impossible to see them all, so Carolyn, Di and I visited in the room and compared notes. It's interesting for me to see whats in and whats out. I don't get time to visit …