The Bayeux Tapestry – to Quilt.

I’ve had a lot of questions about my Bayeux Quilt.Sounds

I will be showing the first part of it at the Quilt Study Group of Australia next week. Initially I had to show part of the quilt to my publisher, and a few others people. It wasn’t quilted then. But of course that was two years ago, so I’ve progressed a little more since then.

However, the full quilt won’t be shown until it is completed….


Considering that I am showing it in a public place next week… I figured I will also share that part of the quilt on the blog…

next week….

I actually put up the many of the completed pieces the other day…. and I admit to having a few silent tears… I look at in a different dimension as I’m working on it…. to see it up gave my heart a start’

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  1. Chris says:

    I can imagine your feelings – something akin to giving birth after a very long pregnancy and a labour of love! There’s that immense effort required to produce the baby, then instant relief and a flood of emotions when you can see, feel and smell the final product.
    Keep going – the family is not complete yet.

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