I’ve had a wonderful day today with class beginning at lunch time.
I was awake early and spoke to Keith by Skype at 7.00 am. Then tiredness took over again and I fell asleep till 9.15 am.

We are at a hotel, … the ladies live in, we go to a restaurant at night and share great experiences over food that you would never see in Australia…. how about pulled pork in a bun, Indian bread, whitefish and pie so high that you get fat just looking at it…

This is a dedicated quilt group who get together once a month. Each year they organize their own retreat up here in Grayling Michigan – this year I’m the tutor and I will show you the results of some of the students work tomorrow.

It’s fall and its going to be 6 deg tomorrow…maybe it will snow.!!!


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  1. beth says:

    Pam! You are only a heaping hour away from me! I’m so sad that you are so close and yet so far. My book manuscript must ship tomorrow. I’m chained to the computer. Sigh!
    Are you going to Houston?

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