Stuck in the airport …… again.

The last post was sent from my iphone….

Isn't it amazing, you get out the phone, take a photo of your food and send it to your blog….

I really just wanted to see if I could do it….

It's amazing what you find to do when you have time to spare in airports…. Now the little possums have canceled my next flight and I have to wait another 2 hours for the next one, at least I managed to get on, most people can't get on a flight till tomorrow… Now what is the story behind this photo?

Let me know your suggestions!!!!!



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  1. kathie says:

    a wedding quilt?
    one of them is an artist?
    and one loves flowers! maybe a florist?
    wish I could click on the photo to see it closer and the whole quilt!
    love the outfit on the lady on the left!

  2. Pam says:

    No not quite.
    The lady in the unusual outfit is Patti McCormick, an American who is working on being an Australian.

  3. Judy B says:

    I’m not the Minister for Immigration but I say we take her!

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