School House.

It's almost 6.00 am and I've been up for a little while.
Work begins in earnest today and I have the opportunity to go on the floor at 8.30 to film and photograph before the event begins.
This affords me the privilege of filming the "Do not photograph" Quilts.

Yesterday, I met a"visited" with so many people I know in the industry. Quite a few of my esteemed peers were giving "schoolhouse", which is a forum for all things new, innovative and expressive to Quilt shop owners and people involved in Quilting.
Mark Lipinski,  The Hysterical "Bad Boy" of Quilters Home" magazine. He encouraged his audience to "Sell the Dream" with 10 top ways to grow your business.
Most all of the fabric companies were represented as were the book and pattern companies.  With 20 pages of enticing opportunities in the program, it was impossible to see them all, so Carolyn, Di and I visited in the room and compared notes.

It's interesting for me to see whats in and whats out. I don't get time to visit many quilt shops. Fabric patterns are big and bold and take me back to the 60's. They have a place, but will date quickly. However, on the other hand they may encourage younger quilters to take up the scissors and create.

I greeted and hugged more people than I can say, had a wonderful lunch and dinner with special friends and retired late to work on the computer.

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