The last day of Quilt Market. My impressions.

Market ended today.
It's a bit like Christmas day…. you wait all year for it to come, then "bang" it's over all too quickly.

I sat with friends tonight and we talked about the things we had seen over the past few days.

Vintage is a style that has remained around for the past few years. Personally I really like it, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. American Jane stands out as a winner with me, and I think there is limited use for Moda home.


Last year we saw a handful of children's wear designers, this year there are a dozen or more.
Of course the new 'young designers' fabrics look wonderful in the funky children's wear and designer bags.


There were a lot more Japanese fabric companies represented and they seem to me to be twinned with the French market. Japanese instructional books translated into French, and those small minimalist cute designs made famous by the Japanese are very similar to the pastel French Fabrics.

Several companies have heavy Chintz patterns reminiscent of the 1800's furnishing fabrics.

There seems to be a place for 'Country. but certainly not as much as we've seen before.

Bright French. Deep blue, bright yellow, lime green printed with fine black imaging is a popular choice of some fabric designers… it seems to have lasted the year and will continue on.

Of course, I wasn't privy to every designers samples, but my decision is made by viewing the demonstration quilts on display. I imagine that's where you would display your 'certain sellers'

There were beautiful threads in the most delicious earth colors. I'm sampling a new range of Superior Masterpiece….my favorites. !!!!!

My eyes won't stay open, so I will do the photos tomorrow.


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