Acts of desperation.

I taught all day today and it was a great class.

26 ladies sharing experiences, I really can't ask for more.

I had an early night last night, around 9.30  I fell asleep at the computer, head on the keyboard , I'm glad I didn't dribble into it.

I noticed that I had made a few mistakes this morning when I checked the blog.!!!!!!SP_Gabby_Flower
I find today that I committed a serious crime the other day. I needed to play a joke on a friend, by putting flower petals outside the door of her room…..she's in love and needs no encouragement, but….. it seemed a nice gesture.

I searched the lobby for flowers…. there were none that I could "borrow" so a friend and I went over the road to the park and picked a 'few' suddenly we were approached by security…. I just smiled and acted old… Friend Carolyn hid hers in her bag….!!! and we scurried back to the hotel. I related it to my class to day… they roared with laughter… "You could get arrested for that" they said….!!!!!

EEk. I promise to behave.

OK, so we just used toilet tissue for the next evening… tied in a great big bow on the door… no more flowers.

The winning quilts were being announced tonight… but I had another appointment, but I guess I get to view them tomorrow….!!!

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  1. Georgia Button says:

    Dear Pam,
    Your pictures of the fair are SO beautiful, so many pretty things to look at!
    I was just wondering if you know if the winners of the Quilt show will be shown online so we can see them right away? I would love to have a look. I hope you enjoy your time in Houston and have a safe trip back to SA.
    Love from Georgia Button


  2. Judy B says:

    You had better behave. I just checked my purse and it contains $2.67 (yep, a 2 cent piece) which probably won’t be enough to bail you out!


  3. Di says:

    Thanks for the pressies Pammy…we loved them!


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