A day at the Houston Quilt Festival.

It's early morning, and today I'm going to attempt to journal my day at the Quilt Festival in Houston.
I only have a demonstration to do this morning so the rest of the day is going to be spent filming and on the floor.
I hope to share the experience with you.


5.30 – 7.00.

I have to charge my cameras, check the batteries in the microphone, double check the film and put a cleaning cassette in the camera.

Of course you always have domestic duties on the road, washing, ironing, etc, etc…. it never ends, but in between I chat to husband Keith on Skype and catch up on the news of the day with Daughter Rachael.

Politics, politics… every channel is covering the elections.  It's no different to Australia and it's an important decision for people to make. I hope everyone votes. !!!


I write notes to be popped in my pocket to remind me of the days schedule.


DSC044307.15, it's still dark and
dawn is breaking. The temperature is mild and I'm about to walk 3 blocks to meet a friend for Breakfast.

The building which houses this little breakfast restaurant sustained damage in the latest hurricane and it's evidenced by the cracked panes of glass marked with a circle on the ceiling.DSC04431

just outside the hotel is a bank of taxis, the wait patiently all day to receive a whistle from the doorman of the hotel. They seem to be immigrants from Jamaica or somewhere similar and they are alway chatting, singing and performing as they wait.


The birds invade the trees in the park. In fact they own it…. I love their shape and comical walk.


The Chrome grill of a BIG vehicle captures my imagination…. I love the shapes…. and as i walk past my friends, the taxi drivers, I stop to photograph the dignity of reflexions in the windows of the hotel.

9.00 am and it's time to check everything for my next event.



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