9.00 pm, back in the hotel room and working on the back on the computer.

One of the nice things about being involved with this industry is the camaraderie amongst tutors. In Houston, during Festival, we get together when we can and the bar at the Hilton is the designated meeting point each evening.

I don't know every tutor here, but each year I meet new people. Just wonderful.

The event brings forth more than just an expose of quilting. It accesses the generosity of the community.
Money is raised for Alzheimer's by selling small quilts donated by named quilters.

friend Carolyn took a number of quilt tops and backs to an organization that made quilts for children in The Ethiopian Orphan Quilt Project.



I noted women coming in to the show to volunteer their skills for a few hours… They sat and sewed quilt tops. It was heartwarming.

There are so many wonderful things to look at and experience. In fact it is sensory overload….. but wonderfully so. It's no wonder the line to get in is as long as the one at the basketball stadium over the road.


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