A delightful day. No it’s not a quilting day… but any of these photos could be a subject for a quilt.


This is one darn large Turkey sandwich –

but I'm flattered that I'm a hot chicken.!!!

We've been out all day, photographing and experiencing the wonderful sights of Old Mesilla.

We planned to go to White Sands National Park, but didn't get further than the town of Old Mesilla.

We DID visit a quilt shop.

We DID visit a church.

We ate, things that were bad for us like

sopapillas dripping in local honey

and chicken quesadillas with salsa and avocado.

I wore my red shorts and blue shirt for the elections….!!!

We sat high on the Franklin Mountains in awe of the beauty

I hope you enjoy my photo album and share the enjoyment with me.

Now I have to stop and watch TV and share the excitement of the elections…. it's amazing we're watching history being made.

A photo album of photos from Old Mesilla New Mexico.

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  1. Chris says:

    What magical photos, Pam. The colours are just superb and i can see the possibility of quilts in many of them.

  2. Judy B says:

    Loved the doorways!
    By the way, what did you have for dessert after the turkey sandwich? Or perhaps the question should be, when will you have dessert after the turkey sandwich.

  3. Pam says:

    No Cake…. No sandwich, I just borrowed it in the supermarket.!!!

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