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A day in Old Mesilla.

It  was a sensational day to be in the USA yesterday.
I have a feeling that we saw history being made. It was a day of shifting concienceness.

It was our first day off, other than travel and we enjoyed the lack of a schedules.
We drove to the city of Las Cruses, just an hour or so from El Paso.

Our plan was to visit the quilt shop "The Quilted dragon", however, after negotiating road works and traffic disruptions, sadly we found the shop to be closed.

I opened my cell phone to check an address on the internet and received an email from a blog sharer, Deanna, who gave me some great advice on other quilt shops and things to see in Las Cruses. 

We did find the Bernina shop and visited with the owners for a short time. Carolyn was able to purchase a pattern she had been seen at Market, but had sold out.!!!!

Church ladies apron pattern

Old Mesilla is a wonderful place to wander through and soak up the history of early America.

We chatted to a man making adobe bricks. He said he makes 140 a day. Each one weighs around 20 lb.


We visited the paintings at the Pottery  store. I love the graphics and I purchased a print for one of my sons. We had a long chat about the construction of her adobe house and store.

It was really interesting.



lunch was at the La Posta restaurant where we soaked up the ambiance of Mexico.

There are wonderful gift shops and I was really taken by the art of John Anderson.


A great place to visit.

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