You know how you start on a theme, and you drift through the subject and it monopolizes your thoughts…. well pretty much that was the way it was as I began musing on "I've been there"….

I am really touched by your emails… I didn't mean to be controversial, but thanks for all your great comments.

Sometimes we throw words into the darkness and wait for the echo…..!!!!!!

My friend Carolyn is on her way home as I write… I dropped her off at the airport at 9.15 this morning. She had two flights to get to LA and in a few  hours she will board the plane for the long sleep home.
I continued on to Alamogordo to stay with a friend with whom I've share wonderful experiences.
Once we took off on a Thelma and Louise trip… we hired a silver Pontiac with wings… had our nails painted and studded with diamonds… we packed a pistol, drove through amazing country for 5 days and we didn't want to go home… in fact we never ran out of things to say…

Another time we had our eyeliner tattooed on as a quilting project….!!! (that was interesting)

I could go on, but I might just leave it at that…

We did pop into the bank today….to meet Rainee, a gal I met last time I was here….

Right then and there in the bank, I gave an impromptu presentation and a trunk show. I got to meet with the most interesting people from the General Manager down….

I can't remember their names, but I do have a surprise for you at what I found in the bank… and when I can address my friends correctly I will share this amazing photo and the answer to the financial problems of the USA,

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