Popcorn in the Bank.

I mentioned yesterday that I had visited the bank with friend Lisa…. not to put money in, or even get it out!!!! but to visit….

Rainee introduced me to EVERYONE…including Bank President, Pete Cook  of First National bank in Alamogordo New Mexico….

Now there was Pete, serving popcorn and giving out free bottles of water to the patrons of the bank… it seems that this event happens every Friday…..

FANTASTIC…. I mean, at first I thought they were in such dire situation, that they had to sell popcorn to make ends meet…. but NO…. they give stuff away…

I told them we just have security guards with guns in our banks… we can't even talk to a teller, let alone the President….. I was most impressed…

SO, they wanted to see my quilts, and everyone gathered in the atrium, from the office worker to the management… and we had an impromptu presentation and show and tell.

I'm visiting again next year when I have more time for a community function…

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