The most interesting fabric shop I have ever visited…..!!!!!

 There are surprises around every corner.

I started the day with a super breakfast cooked by Larry, ~ bacon, biscuits, gravy and eggs….. ooh, the gravy is not what we call gravy at home, but a concoction of sausage meat flour and ……..I don't really know…. But it was delicious. Oh, the biscuits are like our scones.!!!!

Then I had to post a box home and it nearly didn't get there because I forgot to put the address on!!!!!

Off to visit Lisa's daughter where we were offered more biscuits and gravy…. I declined the offer and just had water…
Lisa's daughter told us of a special at Walmart…. compact lap top computers for $295…. so we raced to the mall, only to be held up by a Veterans day parade…


Lined up with the masses and bought the computer and then we took off for Ruidoso sone 40 minutes from Alamogordo.
The terrain changes drastically as you meander from the plains to the mountains.
The area is rich in culture and the shopping is to die for….

We visited Martha's fabrics. 069-6

I have never seen a shop like it….. EVERYTHING I looked at was beautiful.

I was introduced to Martha Derrick, 88 who is  the matriach of the business. she formed the business when she was 42, and has this year celebrated her 46th year in the store.

Her customer service is legendary  and the saying is…"If Martha doesn't have it, you don't need it"

I walked around the store in awe touching the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen in my life… let alone in one place.

Silks, suedes, leather, applique from India, quilting fabric and stunning home wares.

There was a flyer on the counter for an event that I'm teaching at next year….. so I had to sign the back of them as a memento….Oh and then all the other quilters in the shop wanted one too!!!!!! what a hoot.

Unfortunately I have no more room in the luggage. So I'll have to wait for next year to visit and purchase…. I was already forming images in fabric in my mind as I touched fabric that looked like tree bark. Southwest images on the fines suede, silks and linens and of course a huge room of quilting fabrics.

Martha's daughters twin daughters Clarissa and Cassandra, dressed the same in fabulous outfits… they were just delightful and as interesting as the Mother….

Take a look at the website and look at the great fabrics…. I'm just rapt at the gem I was introduced to. I wished I had the big video camera, it would make a great story for the Quilt Show.

I'm off to Mexico tomorrow, so I don't know if I can report on the blog…

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