I’ve touched down in Mexico…..!!!

It was a cold morning yesterday…. so cold that my GPS left in the car froze and refused to work.
I must admit, I rely on it a lot. I had to travel 80 miles to El Paso from Alamogordo….so I was a little uncomfortable traveling without it. The first part of the trip was fine… but through the cities on the freeway with traffic racing past is a little nerve wracking.

It was hard leaving my friends in Alamagordo, they are rather special to me…….but I'll be back next year!!!

The scenery in this part of the country is breathtaking, but I don't like to stop on the side of a lonely road to take photos… I've watched too much TV…… so I just store the beauty in my memory.

As I approached El Paso, I stopped to get gas and pulled up google on my iphone…. It located me and guided me through the metropolis of El Paso to the airport…..Needless to say, the nerves were  a little frazzled.

2 plane flights and a stop in Dallas texas and I arrived in Mexico around 7.45 PM…..
I took some time to work on my alphabet…..

C is for Cup or cappuccino!!!!!



I've flown over cities at night before, but I was in awe of flying over
Mexico City at night….. The city has a population of 22 million
people. The same as the entire population of Australia…. in one city.There were lights as far as you could see…. snakes of headlights and tail lights defined the roads and were like ribbons in a sea of stars.

I was questioned by customs because I was carrying two computers !!!! eek… however, they allowed me through and Silvia was waiting at the door.

It took quite a while to get to the hotel, but the room was inviting and welcoming and relished the hot shower and fell into bed.

Today I will judge the first quilt show held in Mexico City. Tomorrow is class…. I'm excited…. it's going to be busy… but that's what I'm here for.

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  1. Pamie G. says:

    Mexico City, indeed, has a treasure visiting them! They will not be the same! I watched the topiary video last night and got so very excited — I hope you know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Have a great time!! Pamie G.

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