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First Day in Mexico.

I was able to have a little later start this morning. So I had a leisurely breakfast and finished my ironing.
It never goes away.!!!!
I judged the Quilt Show today and I hope the group allow me to show you their wonderful quilts in a few days….

The theme of the show is "Mexico" and I'm inspired by the creativity and Visual expression of the pieces.

The show and classes are held in an imposing marble floored gallery. DSC04520

It sits on a busy corner of tree lined cobbled streets. Life is busy and bright as flashes of color pass by in the form of brightly colored vehicles and clothing.DSC04526 

There is a constant hum of vehicles and then a symphony of car horns as someone blocks the narrow street as one large van did several times this afternoon.!!!!!
Silvia, my host, had a close encounter with the same van….. despite being quite dangerous, it was also entertaining to onlookers and casual diners…..

So I'm set up at my desk with my ipod in it's speakers providing background music.

I'm writing a critique for each quilt so it will take some time…

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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.

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  1. Hi Pam
    Just catching up with your adventures. Last week we had the quilt show, so have been away from computer for a few days.
    It seems you just can’t keep away from Veterans Day Marches!! It doesn’t seem to be raining this time! Am enjoying your Mexico.
    Cheers Jane


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