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Someone is shooting a gun outside, so I'm pretending it's very loud fireworks…..!!!!

Class was just great today and I take pride in introducing new ideas to my Mexican friends.
Everyone completed the class, and I was just thrilled. We begin a new class tomorrow.


Alma Rosa was my translator, sometimes I forgot to stop talking and let her translate… but on the whole it was great… we could even share humor, and the class flowed well.
I love it here, it's so vibrant and busy. 


There are people out on the street selling everything from food to flowers. The traffic noise is incessant and everywhere you look there are folks walking, standing or just plain sitting.
I'm humbled that some students came from great distances away.

What did we do today? Quilting with Character and Charisma.

After class we visited a church across the road, it was breathtakingly beautiful.


We walked silently down the side aisle so as not to disturb the worshipers.

The tiles, the painted ceiling with huge chandeliers plunging down, hand painted frescoes and gold, gold ,gold. It's hard to take it all in.


Silvia then took me to the local market…. there are no tourists here… just Mexicans and me…


I watched them make tortillas, tasted special stringy cheese from Oaxaca, saw fruit that I had never seen before and photographed plates of brown to gold chilis and Mola….

I'm sure lucky.
In fact I'm real lucky….. I washed my face with my shoe cleaners this morning, I was rather shiny before I realized my mistake.

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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.

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