I’m just so lucky.

I've had the most amazing time here in Mexico City.
Classes have been full and I've made many new friends.

My regular computer is locked up safely in one of the students rooms… I left class to visit with an Artist friend of Alma Rosa and my student bought it back to the hotel for me…. I don't remember her name because I don't speak Spanish…. so I can't retrieve it till the morning…

So I'm doing this on the NEW computer and I surprised myself by working out how I could log into my blog on another computer….. pretty darn fancy really….!!!!

I worked late last night completing the critiques for the much anticipated result of the quilt show.
It's going to be a fancy affair with Music, drinks and people traveling from near and far…
I get to give a presentation and I'm honored to be involved with the first Mexican Quilt show. It's amazing.

In fact, I'm rather humbled at being given the opportunity to make a difference…

My moto is "taking Quilting one step further" I hope I've been able to have a little bit of influence.
I look forward to seeing the progression of the ladies….and Juan, (the cutest Bernina man  ever) in the future.

Interestingly, the students are considerably younger than they are in Australia and the USA. They are soaking up all the information I give them like a sponge.
Silvia, the owner of the Quilt Studio, began teaching 4 students, now she has 48….  AND she has her own magazine…. there is a group of dedicated women who are promoting quilting here in Mexico, I'm impressed by their dedication to the art.

Alma Rosa is my translator…
Sometimes I get so carried away that I forget to stop and wait for her to translate….however, we have even had jokes, stories and humor… and it's worked a treat.
Thanks so much to Alma Rosa, language just hasn't been a problem…..

We visited a wonderful Gallery tonight to see an art collection of one of the wealthiest men in Mexico. He had pieces from Rodin, Monet, and other named artists…. it was a very nice museum.

There are no tourists in my hotel or on the streets in the area I'm working….it's quite nice really, but a believe there are a few American ladies coming into the hotel for tomorrows event…

I've eaten green chili for breakfast lunch and dinner…. very cleansing…!!!!

I'm sure lucky…..!!!!

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