1st Mexico City Quilt Show. Friday 15th

I taught all day.
Raced back to the hotel for a shower, and put the the good clothes on…
Back to the event and such was the anticipation that people were already arriving almost an hour early.

It was a fine event presented by Bernina, with a lot of hard work from people behind the scenes. Silvia  for one…….

I kissed dozens of people…. chatted with folk I'd never met before, gave a TV interview and in general played ladies…


I gave my presentation, the wine and food were served to the strains of indigenous music and at 9.30. everyone gathered for the big announcement…

The prize of a trip to Switzerland was very generous…. and please can we have this in Australia !!!!


The winners were announced and the party began…. more kisses, dozens of photos and chats and the night was a huge success.DSC03386

Got home around 1.00 and was locked out of the hotel, so we had to bang on the door…. I felt like an errant school girl

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