Teaching today.

It's still early but the bed is so uncomfortable in this hotel that I had to get up.
I actually took the quilt from the other bed, folded it in four and put it on the mattress of the bed I'm sleeping in to create a little more comfort.
It's a little better, but not too much.

I had the weekend to sight see, and from tomorrow I will be able to spend more time being a tourist.DSC03604

It makes such a difference having a "local" person to show you around.

We visited an antique market yesterday. It was really an inspiring delight.There were objects I had never seen before.

I was rather taken with 3 beautifully restored singer sewing machines.


Kathy took me to the bus station to buy my ticket for my next part of the trip. It's a huge cavernous building with a marble floor and high ceilings. People are walking in all directions…. and I think it's larger than most airports.

We spent a few hours in the Franz Mayer Museum.


It's housed in a 16th  Century building which has been restored and adapted to contain the vast and valuable art collection from America, Asia and Europe of the German business-man Franz Mayer. DSC03560

We sat in the courtyard decorated with beautifully embossed silver stars… as the sun hit them they flashed rays of light through the bubbling water of the fountain.

In the top story, on the verandah, I found this remarkable piece of work……!! It's rather like the Bayeux tapestry I think.


Sunday is a day for strolling in the park, eating food prepared on small stalls and listening to wonderful Mexican music. The food was interesting and enticing…. I haven't eaten off a street stall, and probably won't here in Mexico, but I'm really interested in the contents and preparation of the food.DSC03575


2.00, we chose to eat at a  rather a nice Lebanese restaurant…. but it seems that lunch is usually later than that so there were few people there.

The Post office is a place to be seen to be believed. It's more like a vintage hotel than a post office.DSC03588

This ornate palace was designed by the Italian architect Adamo Boari, who also made the plans for the Fine Arts Palace. President Porfirio Diaz inaugurated the building in 1907.

Further down the street was the Plaza Garibaldi. One of the unique areas of Mexico City.I believe it is quite dangerous at times…. pickpockets, thieves and prostitutes… but it is well worth a visit. Dozens of Mariachi in their finest wait for an invitation to be taken to a venue to play.

A sign on one of the local bars, announced that all valuables should be deposited into their safe.!!!DSC03600

However, the mariachi continue to sing and play and wait for the opportunity to make a living singing and playing beautiful music.DSC03625

That wasn't the end of the day, but the power has gone out 5 times in an hour and it's making posting rather difficult… so I will leave it there….DSC03632


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