Another day in Mexico.

Yesterday was fascinating in the extreme. I had a 10 hour tour to Taxco….. sadly, I wasn't able to do my own thing…. the history was interesting, the vision wonderful, the guide was the age of my grandfather and had difficulty maneuvering around the steep cobblestone streets. We were pasted with a tag that told everyone that we were on his tour and he should get a cut….. so I conveniently lost mine… and took off…
I'm the tour guides nightmare.

I left Mexico city today. The driver from the hotel wanted an exorbitant amount of money to travel a few kms to the bus station….. I stood there and demanded change,  much to his disgust.

Anyway, I was an hour and a half early for the bus, so I put in my earphones, turned on the ipod and listened to Mama Mia… it was all I could to do stop jumping up and dancing in the the bus terminal…. I had to do with a foot jiggle.

The bus was 1st class, really comfortable and soothing.
I was patted down by the security guard… my bag searched and then when I was on the bus, they came in and filmed everyone…. I figure that in case of a bomb, or accident we could be identified….. it was a little unnerving to say the least.

I saw the most amazing things.

Nurses were hitchhiking home from the hospital…..standing on the edge of the road, in their uniforms… hands extended……!!!! I've never seen that before.?

I saw shepherds tending their flocks.
A grandmother with her grandchildren sitting in a circle having a wonderful time as the goats and sheep romped around them.
I had a private view of 1000's of houses and backyards, washing on the line, cooking outdoors, children coming home from school and donkeys pulling carts….

I saw lots of cactus, some with bright red flower buds…. I designed a quilt in my head and then on paper…

I arrived in an Miguel Allende at about 3.00. I was nervous about getting a taxi after this mornings experience… but all went well and it cost me $5 for the same distance e charged me $20 for this morning….

I'm staying at Casa Carmen …. a small hotel…. I pressed the button on the big wooden doors, and 3 little Mexican ladies came to get me…. they ushered me to my room and then straight to the dining room for a 3 course lunch…..

I think I'm in heaven here…. there's no TV…. I can get on the net outside in the patio, it's pretty chilly, but I'll do my work in the day time from now on…
I had a kind American gent light my antique gas fire… and the bed is to die for….

But best of all is the town….. I can't believe it… it's soooooo beautiful…..The sun has gone down, the bells are ringing, the sky is azure and the orange trees on the patio are giving of a beautiful aroma…

I've got writing photographing, and filming to do over the next few days…

There is a quilt group here and I'm having dinner with them and chatting… but no more teaching  until January…. I can't believe it…!!!!

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  1. Jane says:

    oh Pam, once again I feel like Im there! Or wish I was…. I have never really thought about Mexico before but after reading your posts, Im adding it to the list! (bucket list?!) cheers, have a tequila for me!

  2. Jane says:

    sorry me again. Have you thought about writing a travel book (and including a bit of quilting ) but mainly a travel journal with experiences etc. Think about it. It would be marvellous!

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