A bit of excitement….

It's getting harder to write the blog…. the wi fi here seems to have a mind of it's own and it's almost impossible to upload photos at the  moment…. I think everyone is on line at the same time.
For a short while I was able to sit in my room and work, now I have to sit out in the plaza….

I'm staying in a small hotel, the rooms are situated around the courtyard and the darn fountain runs all the time…. it looks quaint, but is a bit annoying… the plaza is filled with flowers, pots of bright red geraniums, purple bougainvilleas, ferns and cacti… quite delightful. The folk staying here share a big dining table for breakfast and huge lunch… (all included in the price)

So I've met some great people….Yesterday I was showing two of the guys staying here the photos I had taken on the computer…. and "bing" Keith appears on skype…. so they all sat and chatted about sport in various countries for about half an hour… it was hilarious…. and interesting.

So the guys and I went out on an expedition today…. we caught a bus (local) to a neighboring town, Dolores Hidalgo…… it is Rural Mexico, not another European face to be seen….

It was so interesting on the bus, we met lots of families, dressed in their finest…and of course it stopped every couple of minutes…. they did get a surprise to see foreigners on there…. but it only cost $2.50….!!!


We went to the market and everyone was really keen for us to try their produce… apple wine, creme caramel, deep fried cactus, caramel pie, cactus marmalade…. all delicious, and really different…I also bought some things that look like poppadoms, but were coated in syrup…. Very good.


We actually ended up going to a funeral… !!!! (well we weren't sure it was a funeral till the end)

Wedding yesterday, Funeral today. The service was lovely.

We explored the town, had lunch in a funny hotel of chicken covered in mola sauce (chocolate)…. the coffee was strong, but cold…. but as nourishing as coffee can be.

We had seen a lot of bright colored pottery as we came into the town, 


and figured that we could get off the bus going home… look at the pottery and then look out for the bus again and catch it back to San Miguel…..


That we did….quite successfully and we were so pleased with ourselves that we decided to catch a bus from the bus station to the hotel….. however, we ended up on the wrong bus in rather a seedy area…. fortunately a taxi came along as were were walking and saved us…

So an interesting day indeed.

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