Dolores Hildalgo photos of a rural city.

I guess you can see from my photos that many of them are taken with an idea of using them for color.

Lets look at this photo…. It was taken purely because I like the colors….The colors are stunning, they give a feeling of warmth, despite that fact that they are tiles and cement….
Taken out of the that context…. you can see they blend well together…

Photographically, it means little… one wouldn't really give it a second glance.

Color 2

What can I do with these colors?

Well, I've just splashed them on paper…. and possibly it could form a background with another image over the top…..

I rather like the thought of square tiles on top of these colors….

or maybe even just a black outline image…..

Tile 2
Tile 3


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  1. Judy B says:

    Love the colours in the last two! Though would like to crop the area around the tile!
    I have realised that I only like working with little bits of hot and warm colours in anything I make. Probably something to do with the fact that I hate hot weather!

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