I’m getting a little behind….!!!

I haven't even mentioned the events of yesterday AND they are quilt related…
I met about 30 ladies at the home of one of the members of the local quilt group here in San Miguel de Allende.


It was a a lovely experience for me to be invited to the home of someone living here. In fact there re around 12,000 Americans and Canadians in residence here, that's about 1/5th of the population of the city.

Life here is relaxed, culturally diverse and artistically expressive. The quilt group is made up of Canadians, Americans and Mexicans…. I gave a talk, and then we adjourned for a wonderful Mexican lunch.

(Oh, by the way, I haven't got my slippers on, they are tapestry shoes embroidered with frogs) !!!!!

I'm so lucky.

Because I'll be traveling on thanksgiving, they are holding a special thanksgiving dinner for me tomorrow…..
Today, however, Stephanie and Yoli, took me to the Tuesday market….


You have to see this place to believe it….. It's huge….. and you could really buy almost anything there… the biggest surprise for me was to see the Americans going through the piles of clothes set out on table….
Closer inspections showed top brand clothes…. (brand new) for between $3 and $1…. I mean I nearly had a fit…. I just can't fit anything else in the luggage to be honest…


Yoli, is Mexican…. and was able to help me understand the food that I saw….
We tasted the little flower that sits atop the big round cactus and it had been preserved…. it was delicious….. She explained all the varieties of fruit…. some, I had never seen before…

We tasted freshly cooked pork and syrup infused pumpkin…..

These folk sure know how to cook and eat.   Yoli bought fresh tortillas and hot pork, salad made of cactus and green chili salsa and we took them home to her house for lunch….. This was accompanied by a bright red drink called Jamaica which is made from infused hibiscus flowers….

Work emails have come in thick and fast today….. it's been busy… I've been answering lots of inquiries….

You might like to join me on a cruise around Britain for 12 days in August and then go to the Birmingham quilt show……. or in Paducah, or Long Beach, Quilting in the Desert, Road to California, maybe the quilt show in Dubai, or The wonderful retreat in Eureka California…

But then again, you could come on my quilting tour to Mexico after Houston next year…That's going to be amazing…. 12 days on a Mexican Montage…..!!!!!

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  1. Chris John says:

    Any one of those trips would be my dream come true. I think you are the most fortunate person.

  2. Firstly, I just saw the ‘White Sands’ video. ‘There’s a Human!!!’
    I loved that market and having someone to explain it for you, how wonderful.
    You better start putting up links to those tours so we can all start saving.

  3. NicoleG says:

    Yesss! Great Britain will do nicely, thank you! I was planning to go to the Festival at Birmingham .. so keep us posted!!
    Nicole – Belgium

  4. Pam HOLLAND says:

    Morning Nicole,the information should be up soon…..
    and Carolyn…..I’ll put them up when i get home….!!!

  5. Judy B says:

    Pam, I read about the breakfast, by then had scrolled far enough to see the title of this post!
    Try it, you will see what I mean.
    I’m not too sure if it is a fortunate or unfortunate combination, but I had to laugh!

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