A quilters breakfast.

Video  taken on my little flip camera….!!!

4 of us went out for breakfast this morning…..
Yoli had told me of a place where they cook goat and lamb… I believe that they prepare the meat by marinading it and putting it in a pit with hot coals. It's then covered with Banana leaves and let cook for about 15 hours….

Once cooked, they make a broth which is laden with chick peas and vegetables….
The broth is served with the meal and you add coriander, chopped onion and chili to it and stir vigorously….DSC04114

In the corner of the building (Which looked like a big open garage) the family were making tortillas….. A small girl was standing on the bench, putting her small hand  into the dough and scooping out just the right amount, she balanced them neatly around the rim of the huge dish…. Her Mother, took one, and placed it between a thin sheet of plastic on a wooden block and the  handle bought down the matching wooden block onto the tortilla dough and it flattened to the right degree…. with dexterity, she flipped the dough onto a hot plate and another lady would tend it from there….DSC04115

Hot tortilla's were served to the table, you put the hot goat meat, onion, corriander and chili in the the tortilla, wrap it up and munch…… wonderful…. what a flavor…

AND this is for breakfast washed down with orange juice, soup and….. I had to have pepsi because I can't drink orange……
The table cloths were bright green floral oilcloth, the chairs were bright blue, the big bowls of dough were bright yellow…. and the colors added to the ambiance of the event…..

Who said being a quilt teacher was boring…?DSC04123

We discussed an exciting project for next year…. and then I returned back to the Casa to do more filming… and get ready for the shindig with the Quilters of San Miguel de Allende late this afternoon….DSC04121

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  1. Mum says:

    Hi Pam
    Have just been watching your website on Heather’s thingme
    I have asked Heather to get me a laptop so I’ll be able to send you some emails and catch-up on your news…after ringing Heather to find out what to do!
    Saw Dr Miller this week and he is very pleased with me and will see me in 6 months time if I am OK.
    Still love my little unit and my garden is looking lovely and has plenty of flowers. Christmas things are up and ready for Christmas.
    I ring Keith every Sunday so keep int touch with what you are up too.
    Love Mum xxx

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