Headlines – 3 y.o. boy holds up plane.

A 3 year old boy was determined not to be bound to a seat on an American Airlines flight out of Dallas today.

The plane taxied to the edge of the Dallas airport…. waiting for the said child to comply….however, despite his Mothers wailing, his fathers physical handling, the child wedged himself under the front seat and refused to come out…

Pious grandparents whose children and grandchildren are perfect  – gave advice….

However, the plane finally had to return to the airport….
It took and hour to refuel, more time to dislodge the infant from the front seat and of course remove the luggage.

The plane was an hour late getting into LAX this evening, but some people on the plane thought the entire event was extremely comical.

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  1. Pamie says:

    hmm…sounds like something my grandson Josh would do, hehe

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