You never know what is around the corner…

Some days are just plain frustrating…
I have an27f3_1 old PC with a lot of my EQ5 files on it… (Electric Quilt 5)
I bought an EQ6 update…. and the plan was that I would shift the EQ5 to the new computer and update it…..

The old computer is running XP and just doesn't seem to work with the new vista….
Ok, so I will get out the EQ5 disk which I stored neatly away….. but the book is missing… I know I lent it to a needy person… but I think they forgot to give it back and the registration No is in there….!!!! Grr.
 FrenchCountryside_CR_SP_elent (9)

You may notice that I have put up a translation page on the blog… thanks to friend Carolyn who looks after me and reminds me of things I need to do!!!!!

It seems to work well.


Our Son Jamie is a cinematographer and recently won several gold awards for his work…
He filmed the Olympics recently, he's been in war zones and other scary places, but today he left Australian shores for an exciting adventure. He's a cameraman on the Sea Shepherd ship
Steve Irwin…..
They will be chasing the Japanese whaling ships for the next 3 months.

This Mother is in two minds…. first it's a great opportunity for him… but on the other hand it's rather dangerous.

Then again he's in good company.!!!!!!!!

Darryl Hannah leaves for whaling mission from Murarrie
01 DEC 08 @ 01:42PM

Hollywood A-lister Daryl Hannah has pledged to risk her life, even if it means taking a bullet, to stop Japanese whalers slaughtering minke whales.
In an exclusive face-to-face interview with the Wynnum Herald aboard the Steve Irwin this morning, the Splash and Kill Bill star spoke of her dedication to protecting whales and lashed out at Greenpeace and the Australian Government for not doing more.
Ms Hannah has joined Sea Shepherd for a week as they make their way down to the Antarctica’s Ross Sea, for its four-month stint at attempting to keep whalers on the run.
As preparations get underway for Wednesday’s launch from Murarrie, crews are preparing for the worst, with rumours of a Japanese gunboat being sent to protect whalers.
Ms Hannah said she was prepared to make a stand.

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  1. glynis says:

    Did you find your EQ5 serial no? Mine is actually (factory stuck) on the back of the smaller orange covered Getting Started book, not on the green Design Cookbook if that helps!

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