“Oh No”

When you've been away, somethings sort of go to pieces…..
As is the case with our porch swing…. it's sat out in the weather and the stuffing on the cushions had decided to escape. It looked very very sad..
I had to walk past it each time I went to the 'shed'..  so I averted my eyes…
However, yesterday I could tolerate it no more…
So, we now have an "Oh No" story telling bench…. It's a little over the top, but it's the place the grandchildren snuggle for a chat….


One day Kodi and I were sitting on the swing, he was about 2 years old…and we looked up to see a Qantas plane, flying against the bright blue sky followed by a translucent white jet stream. As we watched it pass, he said "Oh Grandma, I'm so pleased you came down out of the plane to play with me…"
Poor little possum, I think he thought I just went up in the plane and flew around in the sky all day…. and then came down every now and then.!!!!



OK, I used my stash and it's fabric that I would never in a million years use…. it just sat there vegetating. I think I bought it on a whim…. then the whim quickly vanished….. now it can fade in the sun, be a talking point for the grandies and be out of the studio finally….!!!

I think that ony a quilter could have it in her yard…..

Now maybe I should paint the frame? 

Well maybe NOT. !!!!!!

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  1. maree says:

    Well I Love your New Swing…puts mine to shame.I think the fabric looks Fabulous..Love the Bunting too.. Funny Vision of you just flying up in the sky all day & coming home for meals…too funny…also Love the read in Quilters Companion on France…

  2. Chris says:

    Ha ha, don’t get too carried away! The swing looks so inviting now and i can imagine it stimulating such wonderful conversations.
    Don’t you just love some of those little misconceptions children have about life? They are the precious memories you can recall many years later.

  3. Pamie G. says:

    I love it!!!!

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