I joined the young Mums and Dads today when they took their bambinos for swimming lessons.
There seemed to be 100's of them, but I imagine that's an exaggeration. (well it sounded like it)
Our Miss Tilly is quite at home in the pool but is learning to "Listen" to her instructor…. occasionally the attention wavers.
How lucky are these youngsters…
A little different to some of the children in Mexico City who were selling gum on the streets at that age.
Its a sobering thought if you ponder too long.



There wasn't swimming for babies in my early mothering… we just dunked them in water and they got on with it…. but what a good idea it is now, along with playgroup, pre kindy and music and movement…. I can't imagine how much busier I would have been with 3 under 3….

We then went on to an animal farm where a man milking a cow squirted milk at the amused audience, the deer tried to eat my expensive camera and the kangaroos muzzled your hands…but Tilly (who considered that I had been gone too long) enjoyed my company.

I've hit the wall today and tiredness has dampened the work ability…. I'll give myself a free weekend and then get back to it…. 

I have to book my flights…. its always difficult, you can't make a mistake… and

I have 10 days spare between Arizona and Dubai in February…. I just can't get my head around it… just where can I go? the brain won't function….. Maybe I'll just go to Morocco!!!!  it's sort of on the way….!!!!

I've unpacked, washed and had time to look at the wonderful gifts I received.




I have thank you letters to write, class projects to prepare, contracts to send off, flights to book. and gardening to do….
Maybe, I'll just sleep on the settee in one of the the  studios.!!!!DSC06111


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  1. maree says:

    I think you deserve a Rest after Your travelling and If I had a Gorgeous Studio like Yours that’s where I’d be…Fabulous Room Pam…

  2. Karen says:

    I love the red room! is that your sewing room and the cushions on the blue couch make it look so inviting. Have fun on your next travels – you do a lot of it don’t you, you are so lucky in seeing so many places so far from your home, how often do you travel each year?

  3. Pam HOLLAND says:

    Hello Karen,
    The red room is the room I do the sewing in… it’s called the ‘shed’
    The other room, is where my library is, all my reference books are stored. I film in there and also do my drawings….
    I travel 9 month of the year.

  4. Karen says:

    wow – that is sometime traveling – how do you ever get your projects done? I just picked up your book 1776 today – I started reading it and love it, the photo’s are amazing – I wish I was able to travel to those places also.

  5. Marianne says:

    I live in Ajijic but was not able to join the group of quilters in Mexico City for the recent quilt show when you were there. However, I was in Dubai this year for their First Intl. Quilt Festival. I’d recommend spending more time in Dubai as well as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Also Qatar and Oman – I lived in Saudi Arabia for many years before retiring to Mexico 11 years ago. And I have the opportunity to return to Saudi next March for two weeks as well as another week in Qatar (quilter friend there who also lives in Mexico). Great things to photograph – great fabric and embellishment “stuff”. Wonderful markets – excess luggage is a given. I’d love to travel nine months/year. I’ll go anywhere!

  6. Judie R says:

    I just love reading your blog,Pam. We are so lucky to have you come to our town. I just finish ateddy bear quilt using your method-it was very difficult but turned out gorgeous. thanks for that lesson.I’m waiting for your visit June/10.

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