Mixed Media bags.

Over the past few years, I’ve frequented scrap booking shops looking for interesting Mixed Media supplies.
I’m not into art quilts, I guess this is where I could possibly use this stuff… so generally it sits there in the appropriate box until I get round to making a series of cards… !!!!

I just love scrapbook paper…. it’s as wonderful as fabric…. in fact a lot of  it is printed in fabric as well.

I’ve been home a week and the urgency to get Christmas presents for my Stitch and Bitch girls becomes paramount…

What can I make? I try to make the presents each year, but that’s not always possible….

“Pam take stock of yourself you’re not a miracle worker, just buy something…!!!”

I saw some little hand created bags…. that was     IT….
I’ll make those…

I cut out two shapes…. that look a little like bags or pockets… I used my 6″ ruler as a template. You could use  templastic or heavy cardboard for the pattern.


You need a good variety of card stock for the project.  Some of those wonderful papers are on quite heavy paper…. however, if you love the paper and it’s not thick, you can stick it to heavy art paper or canvas….. but think about adding fabric to the bag.
I had some fabric I liked…. I added fusible web to the back,

ironed it onto some of my canvas art paper,

I traced around the pattern and then cut it out….

You need to embellish it before you sew up the bag…..
Sew a piece of small cream card into the center of the back… that forms the area to write your greeting on.

I had to cut this one out with normal scissors, the fancy ones don’t like to go through fabric... (well my cheap ones didn’t)

One piece of paper (scrapbooking sheets) was just a little too small to get two bags (back and front) out of…..

but I didn’t mind because I added a little fabric to cover the label on the paper.


I had 15 to make, so I actually prepared each one….

adding the embellishments… I then laid each one out on the table in it’s little pile…. and then worked through them…
It takes 20 mins to make one – generally.


For this one I used card for both the back and front rather than the fabric back I showed you previously,


I had some  tags, and sayings that were sticky on the back…. so I made this little card… it looked a bit boring, so I antiqued it with a dobber  with the ink of a tan stamp pad.


Left over ribbon… a piece of tissue from a redwork pattern, an angel in see through plastic…Profound sayings on velum and cut with fancy scissors…. all stitched down with a small zig zag. 1.4 stitch width, 1.4 stitch length.

I used ribbon and beads for the handle…. and I forgot to mention that you need to punch the holes for the handle before you sew it up…!!! I learned that one the hard way.

To stitch it all down, I do use a sharp needle and fine thread…. and then I throw it away after I’ve used it.. specially if it has gone through the card….!!!!

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  1. Pamela Cristiano says:

    Love, Love, Love your website. ♥Pam

  2. Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

  3. This looks bright and cheery – just like your Mexico photos. Thanks for sharing. I love your circular cutter. Is it available in Australia? I find it very frustrating at times trying to keep fabric square after rotating it.

  4. I’m glad you shared these step by step procedure on creating a hand made bag. I find it easy. Thank you!

  5. This is really a wonderful port. This is really gorgeous. I wanna try doing this one. Gonna bookmark this one.

  6. Pam Holland says:

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    I made these little bags a while ago, but I thought I might share them again.

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