working on the portrait


I'm quilting the quilt.
First I appliqued with a small zig zag…. 1.3 stitch width, 1.3 stitch length. Now I'm adding the contour lines with free motion quilting.

I leave the feed dogs up.

I'm using the new free motion foot from Janome….It gives wonderful vision, the double spring allows for a very smooth sewing transition. It's a delight to use…It actually has 2 other attachments that slots onto the foot. So you get 3 for one….!


I'm using 50 weight Superior cotton thread. Top and bottom and a 60/8 sharp needle for a fine finish. However, for the orange, I had to use a 40 weight living colors tri lobal thread from Superior….because the color matched best.

I also had o change the needle to 80/12 for that thrad.

I guess many of you know by now that I like my quilting to be "fine", or one could say with a delicate look.

I generally quilt a lot on my quilts… but I prefer a non distracting line.


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