Quilt finished.



I only had time for a few hours on the quilt today… but it's finished … the binding can be put on over Christmas.

I'm off to Tasmania on Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to a break…

Now, the hair is stitched in several ways,… I followed the three colors in the fabrics… and taking careful note of the  shading and angle that the hair sat at on the photo, I pretty much colored in with thread… I used a free motion straight stitch and also a free motion zig zag…

Now the black fabric I used for the background has a light colored back…. and even though I used the finest sharp needle,  some of the batting still manages to escape from the stitching holes… it's minimal, but something to be aware of in the future using this fabric….

The bacDSC04231k ground is in black and an elongated free motion pattern….
I'm rather fussy about the back of my quilt… I use the same weight thread in the bobbin as I use on the top…. voila, no pulled stitches.


It's been fun…

The new Janome foot was fabulous…it is so easy to use….. It's a keeper….!!!!!

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  1. What an amazing quilt. Congratulations.

  2. Fran says:

    If you want coffee with “someone” give me an email,
    hugz, Fran W

  3. Chris says:

    A-MA-ZING!!! Such a brave choice of colours. I’m sure this goes outside the comfort zone but I love how it has turned out. What a great subject, so much character. Those eyes make me wonder what was on her mind.
    Enjoy your sojourn to Tassie. Find peace and tranquility and have the very best festive season.

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