Professional Quilter

The Professional Quilter.

Cover105A great magazine for those of you who wish to learn about the art of quilting in a professional Genre.

There are some wonderful articles offered in the magazine.

Reviews of quilt shows, book reviews and even Teacher of the year nominations…

Some of my peers used to put "nominated Teacher of the Year" in their signature at the bottom of their emails…

I'm Australian…. we're not supposed to be able to "blow our own bags" however, when I was nominated one year… I thought "to heck with it, I'm joining the masses"….however, I only did it in the USA, can't come at it in OZ …… Tall poppies and all that.

At the risk of offending my Aussie peers I would love to see this industry become more professional in Australia. 

This magazine offers no nonsense information on subjects such as teaching, judging, gaining grants etc…. take a look….

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