I guess many of you are like Keith and I, we have teenage grandchildren….

Well, we're sharing our trip to Tasmania with our almost 18 year old granddaughter who just learned a few minutes ago that she got a wonderful score in her final exams… here we sit in the Qantas club, each of us with our computers…. it looks a little comical.

We're off to Tasmania for a few days and she's really excited.

I've got some exciting things coming up next year…

I will be reporting for Ricky and Alex once a month….
I have trips to Israel, Dubai, France, England, Thailand and Mexico…. and even a stop in Mubai…..!!!!!!!

Now I promised that I would have information on the escorted tours up on the blog and web…. I will put the English one up tonight, the Mexican one still has some final details to attend to, but it will be leaving from Houston, right after festival…..

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