Against all odds.

Against all oddsFrenchCountryside_CR_SP_Alpha (20)
Despite seemingly insurmountable opposition or probability.

This morning on my walk I noticed a small pink geranium growing from the tiniest crack in  huge rock. The leaves were bright red, and it stood out in profile against the dark grey rock.

Against all odds. I saw the finest cobweb in a dead tree perched on a ledge over a huge cavern… The wind blows at an alarming rate, how does it stay there?

Against all odds. My son is battling 32ft waves and filming massive icebergs whilst tied to the deck of the ship.!!!!!

Against all odds. This time last year, Mother was in Hospice desperately ill. This Christmas, she's just completed her garden, driving her friends around and organizing the craft group.


I'm off to visit a quilt shop today and then down to the Lavender farm to take photos and video…

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  1. Chris says:

    This just goes to show how amazing life can be. Just imagine the stories your son will have to tell on his return.
    Your thoughts made me smile…and think…and wonder.
    Thank you.


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