Our special people.

Many years ago, our lives changed with the anticipation of the adoption of son Joshua from Thailand.

We were transformed by experiences that are not offered to many.

We experienced the joy of parenthood once again but there was  a deep sadness that his Mother was unknown to us. She missed the special things we saw in our boy as he was growing up.

I  suppose our family is unique, we don't think about it much because the "family" is just that…. Family. 

Sometimes people are astonished at the enormity of bringing up a family of 13 plus and I often get embarrassed at their comments…

But I've been thinking a lot about it lately… It was a bit unusual.

Probably because I'm here in Tassy with a family that we shared so many wonderful times with. They  have 17 children…. they are all adults now….

We spent many holidays and Christmases together… Yesterday, as we were driving in the car we re-counted some of the funny times….

The husbands took all the children out for the day once, and came home with an extra child!!!!

Jeez, that would make headlines now.

Pat and Bert had a daughter from Taiwan… we were visiting the Adelaide Central Market…. Bert, an extreme Aussie male was pushing the stroller with his daughter in…. suddenly an angry Asian male, rushed up to him, grabbed the stroller from his hands, pushed Bert in the chest and yelled something in Chinese….

Bert was a little  nonplussed… It seems he took off with the wrong stroller and child…

"It's alright cobber" he said…. "I've got one just like that"…..!!!!!


Now we all have beautiful Grandchildren….


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  1. What beautiful grandchildren. My MIL had 9 children and 40 grandchildren. One of her favorite sayings was “Each child is a jewel in the crown of Eternal life”. So true!

  2. Di Jobbins says:

    Beautiful, Pam! My little granddaughter has a Korean mother, so we are a multi-cultural family too. Love it!

  3. Judy B says:

    Enjoy your family and may you all have a wonderful Christmas.
    Judy B

  4. maree says:

    Thanks for Sharing Your Beautiful Grandchildren with Us Pam….They are all too Cute…Enjoy Your Time with Them and Your Family…Hope 2009 is all that You Wish For.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Karen says:

    thanks for sharing – you do have a wonderful family – love it how your hubby got the wrong child in the stroller LOL I am the 3rd eldest of 12 so I totally understand large families.

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